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Friday, November 8, 2013

When lightning strikes...

My time as a photographer
 has been short but pretty sweet at times.  The evening I caught these images was definitely one of those sweet times!  

I was on the shores
 of Lake Michigan in South Haven hoping to catch a glimpse of a partial solar eclipse happening at sunset on the evening of May 20,2012.  I was not sure what to expect but I managed to come away with a couple good images of the eclipse.

What happened next, 
I was totally unprepared for, the perfect storm!!  As the sun faded
into the horizon, a thunderstorm started to roll in.  Everyone on the beach, after seeing the eclipse of the sun and the storm coming in, started to leave.  Only myself and another photographer stayed to greet the approaching storm.  I was eager to get
 some experience catching a lightning bolt on camera.  I caught couple images in the 
past but nothing out of the ordinary.

The winds and rains stayed 
away from the beach allowing us to photograph the amazing cloud to ground lightning.  I made several feeble attempts at capturing the bolts.  Luckily for me, the
other photographer, who had  decades of experience, took pity on me and gave
 me some advice on shooting lightning.  Thanks to him I was able to 
catch some great images that night.  The lightning images taken on that fateful evening
pushed myself and my photography into a new direction.  And for that,
I will always be grateful.

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