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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking back at 2013, it was a very interesting year.  
I was able to photograph some pretty amazing things this 
year while meeting some great people and making friends
 along the way.  I ventured into the arena of portrait and advertising and was met with  success.   I even produced a couple calendars
  As awesome as 2013 was for me, 2014 is looking to be even better.
  I will travelling more in the coming year.  With hopes of 
sharing new and exciting images from around the this great state of Michigan.  But before embarking on a journey into the new year, I thought I would take a minute at look back at a baker's
dozen of my most popular images from 2013

Taken Jan 24th in St. Joe, Michigan
Taken Jan 19th in South Haven, Michigan

"MEGABOLT"  Taken Aug 21st in South Haven, Michigan

"ICE MOON"  taken Feb 25th in South Haven, Michigan

Taken March 2nd in South Haven, Michigan

"WAVES AND LIGHT RAYS"   Taken Oct 21st in South Haven, Michigan

"AFTERGLOW" Taken Oct 21st in South Haven, Michigan

"SUNBURST"  Taken Nov 18th North Beach in South Haven, Michigan

Snowy Owl--  taken in Van Buren County on Dec 7th

" A Splash of Pink"  Taken in South Haven, Michigan on December 10th

"ICEHOUSE" Taken on December 24th in South Haven, Michigan

"SOLID"  Taken in St. Joseph, Michigan on January 24th
"TURMOIL"  My most popular image taken in 2013.  St. Joesph, Michigan Taken on July 23rd


I would like to thank all those who follow my work and
and support my ambitions by purchasing the images I shoot.
and may you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 

OK, I added one extra only because this is my personal favorite B&W image from 2013 and this is my blog after all!!!  :)  have a great 2014!!!


  1. Outstanding image set....gonna be an even better 2014

  2. Excellent photography. Have a wonderful 2014!